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Porto Cristo Bridge removal updates

Well the deadline for commencement of the Porto Cristo bridge removal was 11th january .. Since that day all that has been done is a set of traffic lights and a bypass from the bridge road along to the old original route !!

Rumours in the Town are that its Spanish paperwork and the Spanish way , qoute "They will pull it down then rebuild it !" from the mouth of a very high respected porto cristo official ..

All due to a few whinging residents whos apartments are alongside it !!  Now call me stupid but why buy a flat next to the bridge if they dont like bridges and traffic ?  Yes sure for those who already lived there and the bridge was added , ok fair comment but the flats moaning the most werent even built when the bridge was !!


The general feel at ground level is they are hoping for a reprive to save the bridge and hence why NO work has actually started as yet , just the motions of pretending they are ..

we will keep you updated for those living in Mallorca to follow this saga ..


Update 7th March 2011 , well the Bridge has NOT had one single bolt removed .. it just sits there blocked off i guess we are still hoping that common sense will prevail..

Update 30th March 2011 , Still not a single bolt removed but it appears a bypass road is being built around Porto Cristo , signs of Road construction are evident from the Main road entering Porto Cristo which looks like it will be connecting to construction on the second roundabout the Cala Dor side of Porto Cristo . Should this be the case then the bridge removal will NOT be a problem as passing traffic will simply be able to drive around the mayhem . The present re route of traffic around the bridge is more than capable of handling the traffic flow that is purely for the town , and the Coaches etc which need to get through Porto Cristo can simply use the new road.

Update 23rd May 2011 ,  Stil not a single bit of demolishing is underway on the bridge, and the new bypass road is progressing very well main hardcore and landscaping is done and shortly i feel they will be tarmaccing this road .

In the meantime the road in Porto Cristo has now been widened and takes 2 way traffic and traffic flow is running smoothly so indeed the bridge may not be needed anyways .

Update 2nd June 2011 , Still nothing altered on the bridge it just sits there waitting all blocked off.  Work however on the bypass is progressing well , and the Southern entrance picture below, shows the entrance and work status , similar work is evident on the North side of Porto Cristo ..


bridge replacement road bypass of porto cristo


Update 18th July 2011, Much the same still No work on the bridge , The bypass road seems to be making slow progress now ,could be due to the heat as its been some 37c in Porto Cristo the last 4 weeks with NO Rain ..


Update 12th August 2011,  Bridge reopened and old road closed to allow the pipes and electrics to be removed from the Bridge before its removal !!  Yes it looks as though all efforts to save the bridge have failled !

Electrics and Pipeworks are being routed along the old road along with widening and resurfacing , and Bridge demolition is then to commence.

See the latest video below .


Update 25th September 2011,  Well the old original road is done, resurfaced, pipes, electrics all in place . So demolition of the bridge looks set to be 27th September 2011 .  looks like all efforts to halt it have Failled at this point, as usual any updates will be reported .

Map below showing new route and Bridge positions.

Bridge removal bridge Porto Cristo Updates Map Porto cristo Bridges


Bridge removal bridge Porto Cristo Updates Map Porto cristo Bridge Bridge removal bridge Porto Cristo Updates Map Porto cristo Bridge



ON 23rd December 2011

below is view from roundabout new railings looking over across the Marina where the bridge was once there ..

 Bridge removal final wide scene view upon completion

New raillings on roundabout

Bridge removal final wide scene view upon completion

Water level looking through where Bridge once stood

Porto cristo Bridge removal final wide scene view upon completion





Porto Cristo Bridge removal updates and information Porto Cristo Mallorca bridge demolition bypass road map